7 Examples of Emotionally Charged Gifting

As an entrepreneur, there will be occasions where you will need to send gifts. Whether it is corporate gifting for clients or strategic gifting for B2B purposes, you know that you need your gifts to stand out. Nowadays, corporate gifting can be faceless and nameless and doesn't leave the recipient feeling anything as it seems like an empty gesture. In order to make a lasting impression when it comes to a present, see our seven examples of emotionally charged gifting.

Something personalised

There is nothing worse than receiving a gift with an accompanying card that reads “Dear Client”. Something as simple as using your client's or colleague's name can have a hugely positive effect. For extra points, handwrite the note and include a personalised message, referencing something they have mentioned in the past, such as their family, to show that you listen and that you care.

An experience

A lot of corporate gifting consists of material items that recipients neither need nor want. With a growing minimalist movement, gifting an experience can be an ingenious way to provide a present that means something. The busy CEO may very well appreciate a day at the spa while a sporty customer would love to try rock climbing for the first time. Something they can enjoy instead of accumulate tends to leave a lasting memory.

A cause they care about

Donating to a cause they care about can create a truly emotional reaction from the recipient. If an associate's family member has suffered from an illness or they are active in a political movement, you could give a sum of money to a non-profit that serves this cause in their name. This can mean so much more than something they would use for themselves.

Handmade items

There are few gifts that are less meaningful than mass-produced, factory items. Handmade gifts are usually more unique and far better quality than their high street counterparts. It could be something they like to eat, although be wary of allergies and dietary restrictions, or something relatively generic like a candle. Even if this is a common gift to receive, if it is good quality, it is sure to be appreciated.

From a local business

Some clients or suppliers are extremely proud of the area they set up in or serve. For those, a great example of strategic gifting is to obtain presents from a local company. This will show that you care about smaller businesses and support the local economy.

Something they need

Practical items can also evoke emotions when it comes to gifting as it shows you are in tune with the recipient. If your associate has talked about needing something in the months leading up to the gift or birthday card, why not surprise them with it? Depending on your budget it could be a jovial new toolkit if they require repair work or a hotel break if they have mentioned ‘needing' a holiday!

A subscription

While this is somewhat common, the right subscription can be an emotionally charged gift. You just need to consider it carefully before you sign your client, employee or associate up for it. Busy foodies could appreciate a meal delivery service while the overworked reader might like a modern audiobook club membership.

At the end of the day, the gifts that will mean the most are the ones that have some thought. Consider each one carefully in order to ensure that the recipient will truly appreciate it.